Personalized Medical Legal Consulting now available in Virginia -

We make complex medical information understandable.

All work performed by Physicians

Yes, all work is performed by physicians - not nurses or mid level providers. As physicians, we understand the implications and nuances of medical communications.

Personalized Services

Our physicians will travel in Virginia to your office or to locations needed for case evaluation!

Only Physicians can provide a Medical Opinion

Our physicians can review case information and render Medical Opinions.

Medical-Legal Consulting service available to Attorneys in Virginia !
PDMG Consulting, LLC. – based in Williamsburg, VA

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Medical-Legal Consulting Services for Attorneys – Personalized!
Services which we provide are mostly pre-trial and pre-litigation and are:

    1. Medical Summary Reports
    2. IME Observation, Review and/or Rebuttal Reports
    3. Standard of Care Reviews
    4. We can act as a liaison between Attorney, treating providers and family.
    5. Medical research
    6. Determination of Future Medical Care and costs
    7. Develop legal theories and strategies
    8. Lawyer Medical Education
  1. Letters of Medical Opinion

    Services provided in person if requested!

Don’t know if we can help you resolve medical issues and increase the value of your medical cases? Give us a call – Dr. Ron Jolda – 757.585.3210. We follow the latest federal and state guidelines for Covid-19 protection.

ARTICLES with Useful Information:

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“Developing Damages through the Medicine of Lifestyle”
— Physical inactivity increases death risk by 9%!

Our model defines the physiologic changes and the basis for onset of future illnesses and premature death. It is meant to help attorneys educate jurors and insurance companies of the subsequent illnesses that will befall an inactive patient and pro-actively plan for damages.