The GOOD – Short and Medium Term The NOT So GOOD – the Long Term - we need to look
The Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) and IDES ( Integrated Disability Evaluation Services)   As I was approaching the end of
OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea)  -  IT IS AS BAD AS IT SOUNDS!   I recently consulted on a case where
A Common Problem after Unexpected Trauma Doing Medical/Legal Consulting is a great way to use your medical training in a
Early on in my medical career I had top notch consultants available to help me even though I was in
This is a sample of a Medical Summary Report that we would do for your client at your request.  This
Defense experts commonly opine that forces encountered in low speed collisions are insufficient to cause serious injury. PDMG Consulting response:
This is the first post in our series of medical information for attorneys.  We will strive to present medical information