Services which we provide are mostly pre-trial and pre-litigation and are:

1. Medical Summary Reports – performed by physicians – not nurses or mid-levels. Physicians understand the intricacies of medical communication.
2. IME Observation, Review and/or Rebuttal Reports – yes, we will have a physician attend IMEs if requested. 
3. Standard of Care Reviews
4. We can act as a liaison between Attorney, treating providers and family. Yes, we speak their language and can communicate effectively with providers and families.
5. Medical research – yes, we can research medical topics of interest and present findings
6. Determination of Future Medical Care and costs – yes, we can project anticipated future medical strategies, needs, possible outcomes and future costs.
7. Develop legal theories and strategies – yes, we can help attorneys develop legal strategies and supporting medical evidence
8. Lawyer Medical Education – yes, we can provide educational programs for Attorneys.
9. Letters of Medical Opinion yes, as physicians, we are able to review materials and render Medical Opinions

10. Personalized services yes, we will come to your office and discuss information, topics, concerns, etc. with you.