Dr. Ron Jolda is a Board Certified Family Practice Physican and BioMedical Engineer .

Dr. Jolda has 35 years of diverse family practice and surgical experience as well as specialized experience in Disability and Personal Injury Services.

Dr. Jolda has provided services to DDS of Maine, Connecticut and Massachusetts, DES of Massachusetts and the DoD (US Army) in the Disability Evaluation Sector.

  • DDS – Dr. Jolda has performed over 1000 Consultative Exams for Social Security Disability Determination in several areas including Internal Medicine, Orthopedics and Pediatrics.
  • DES – Dr. Jolda has done over 500 Consultative Exams for Massachusetts Disability Evaluation Services. Dr. Jolda has also performed chart reviews and disability determination for Massachusetts Disability Evaluation Services.
  • DoD – Dr. Jolda served on the MEB ( Medical Evaluation Board) for the US Army at Fort Hood. Over that time, Dr. Jolda performed chart reviews, written and modified soldier profiles and written Narrative Summary Reports for the PEB. Dr. Jolda has also done Medical Report Reviews and rebuttals.
  • Dr. Jolda also has performed VA (Veterans Adminsistration) Disability Evaluations for QTC utilizing DBQs.
  • Dr. Jolda has performed IMEs for the private sector.
  • Dr. Jolda was a Medical Examiner for 8 years in the State of Maine.
  • Dr. Ron Jolda retired from clinical practice in 2019 and is devoting his time to consulting for Attorneys.

Dr. Jolda continues to bring unique engineering insights to the practice of medicine, analysis of medical problems and disability issues.

Dr. Jolda is able to help Attorneys understand, manage and leverage medical information to help them better serve their clients.

Dr. Jolda has completed a 15 hour intensive course in Medical -Legal Consulting.

Dr. Jolda has over 25 years of reviewing complex medical documents and medical records and compiling the essential information into an understandable narrative. Unlike most physicians, Dr. Jolda has learned to express complex medical information in simple terms for understanding and utilization by non medical professionals as attorneys and judges.